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07/21/08 11:16 AM #5    

Donna Dutton (Shunkey)

What a joy seeing everyone who attended the dinner at Datillo's. Susie, please drop me a line at, I would love to connect with you again. Sorry I didn't make it to the "after" party. Hope you all had a blast. Judy, Francine, Daryl, Laurie, let's keep in touch.

07/21/08 12:53 PM #6    

Toni Miles (Heidtman)

Hi all - just wanted to add my delight at seeing all of you at the reunion. It was great to spend some time with you again. For anyone interested in keeping in touch, my email is

07/21/08 07:39 PM #7    

Linda Messinger Robinson

Hi everyone,
What a complete and total blast to see everyone! Please stay in touch with me if you wish. My email is:
Have a great "rest-of-the-summer", and keep smiling!

07/22/08 08:40 AM #8    


Robbie Liefveld

Yeah, this was a really nice reunion and what a great time I had seeing you all.

I mentioned going to see Jon Bailey in the assisted living home at a future date, for those who expressed interest. It will be off a couple months until Loretta and I get more settled in our new home.

One other thing...
Who ended up with the email list taken at the picnic?
Can that be posted please? I see the email Loretta sent out regarding this new website only goes to those she has email addresses for, and I know there are others that need to be added to the list.
There is an area under people's names where you can furnish that persons email if you know it too, but I think if there was a section under this forum where all the emails are listed, it would help avoid double postings of a persons email. You could go to that alphabetical list to see if that person does or does not have an email contact. The administrator would have that email for contact purposes such as future reunions but the person can choose to have his/her email public or not. At least we would know that person can be contacted at by the administrator.

07/22/08 09:32 PM #9    

Dennis Smith

The reunion was TERRIFIC!!! Wish we had time to sit and talk to everyone, but there wasn't enough time. If Ed Weston wants Kathy Tenopir's information, I will check our database to see if we have it. Then I will contact Kathy to get her o.k. to release the info. We never release anyone's information without their permission. Hope everyone understands.

Anyone who wishes to update their email information can contact us through the "contact us" link here, or email us directly at We want to make sure we have everyone's current email information on file. If you ever see another classmate, or have any info that may be missing, please send it to us.

The next time we all meet, we will be eligible for social security. Now that's a scary thought.

Take care, Dennis & Jerri Smith

07/23/08 02:45 PM #10    

Dennis Smith

Hi Ed.
Did you receive the email with everyone's name that was at the picnic?

07/23/08 02:50 PM #11    

Dennis Smith

Hi Ed,
I can't read the email address I have for you. If you email me at I will get the ball rolling for you. Dennis

07/25/08 10:05 AM #12    

Frank J. Hernandez

Hi All!
The reunion was a blast! I will be working on my golf game for the next time :) I heard a lot of buzz about a 45th reunion? Hope so! Can't wait to see the photos. I posted some photos that Diana took at the school tour under my profile. Let's all keep in touch!

07/27/08 05:54 PM #13    


Robbie Liefveld

Here is Jon Bailey's address and telephone. If you decide to call him, remember the call will go to the office of the assisted living home and they have to page be patient. Oh, and ask for Robert Jonathan Bailey. They just switched owners so they may not know him as Jon just yet. BTW Great to see so much activity on the forum. Ed, if you see Kathy, tell her hello from me. I went to grade school with her and she is one of the old Lydia Jackson gang. Robbie- Jon Bailey C/O Vista Veranda Assisted Living 3540 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Lynwood, CA 90262 Phone: (310) 638-4113

07/27/08 08:32 PM #14    

Loretta Deatrick (Liefveld)

Would everyone that took digital photos at the reunion please email them to me?? (or at least the ones that turned out)...

I'm waiting for the photos from the photographer (who also happens to be my son), and I'd also like to include whatever photos that everyone else took.

I know Diana Hernandez posted photos of the tour (thanks, Diana). I found some software that will turn my PowerPoint slideshow into a video, so it can be posted on the website, and I'll put that on the Reunion page. I was going to show it at the reunion, but everyone was having so much fun, I just decided not to. We also created a couple of fun questionnaires that I'll post.

I had so much fun!! Thanks to everyone that showed up. It just wouldn't have been the same without you. The band said you guys are great, too. They had a ball playing for you.

I was amazed at the tour of the high school. So much has changed, and yet so little. They have worked very hard to keep the ambiance and keep the look and feel. They have refurbished the fountain (remember they cemented it in when we were there?), and the principal's office, attendance, and guidance offices look exactly the same. The boy's gym is amazing though.

I'm also really glad folks are signing up on this site. I think it's a lot easier to use than Classmates, and since it's just for us, we can create our own pages and stuff like that. I'll probably post some instructions somewhere, but for now, just noodle around and get used to it.

07/29/08 01:16 PM #15    

Kathy Dunn (Doak)

Hmmmm.....Snow & Ice? Earthquake? Snow & Ice? Earthquake? Hmmmm...tough choice ;-) Hope everyone fared well.

07/29/08 02:11 PM #16    

Toni Miles (Heidtman)

Is everyone living in the quake zone ok? My house is fine. A little broken glas but that's about it.
Hope all is well with everybody.

07/30/08 05:30 AM #17    

Kathy Dunn (Doak)

The earthquake news even made the local Lincoln country radio station, with a live play-by-play account. I guess I don't actually live at the end of the earth. I called Bonnie Erickson yesterday - she and her husband live in Chino Hills. The quake scared her to death, but nothing even fell over. Weird, and lucky. I was excited to see Kate Hutton on TV talking about the Chino Hills vs. Whittier quake. Nice to know some things don't change. Tornados are pretty exciting, but all the TV stations have weather tracking whenever there's any kind of weather event. They're really accurate, plus there a siren system if there's any danger. Only heard it once a couple of weeks ago. I certainly wouldn't want to live in the Midwest without a basement to go to.

08/05/08 09:18 AM #18    


Joe McCallum

Who new Bucky could sing? Had a great time and hope to hear from any of you who might travel to Reno. Will post pictures from reunion later. Where was Jerry Renfro?

08/25/08 08:44 AM #19    

Loretta Deatrick (Liefveld)

Our house in Rancho Cucamonga did fine.. no damage at all, just a HUGE amount of shaking.

I posted some of the reunion pictures that Susan Holder sent to me.... then I decided a slideshow might be even better (and faster to make than uploading those pictures), so I'm working on that.

I have the portraits and the candid shots taken by the photographer, and I'll be posting those as soon as I can.

I'm also getting a CD of all of the yearbook senior photos, and I'll upload all of those. Several people have told me they no longer have their books.

Oh, the Administrator Help forum for this website is awesome, and they said there's some software that some people are using to re-create their entire yearbook.. and you 'turn' the pages online. Our yearbook is way too big for that, I think, but I think it would be really cool to at least do one of the teachers/administrative staff, and the collage pages... maybe even the ads. So, if anyone feels like scanning those, feel free to do so, and email me the pics...

08/25/08 08:45 AM #20    

Loretta Deatrick (Liefveld)

Oh, one other thing.

Coming in October (probably), this format of this message forum will change to be like most other forums you may be a member of - with topics and threads within the topics. I'm really excited about that.

03/28/09 02:36 AM #21    

Rosalie Espinoza (Hernandez Sanford)

Hi this Rosalie Espinoza Hernandez Sanford, does anyone have any info on Lupe Delgado and Mona Allarid I did call Gilda Gallegos yesterday. but she has not hear from them for a long long time. Please e-mail if anyone has found them.

Thank You


01/14/11 09:01 AM #22    


Robbie Liefveld

Hello classmates,

My best long time friend Jon Bailey passed away on Monday Jan 10, 2011. He was staying in an assited living hospital in Glendora when he contracted some form of disease that was extremely resistant to antibiotics and he never recovered. He just turned 61 years old in November last year.

We became friends in the 2nd grade and have continued to see each other until the end. I remember barely being able to speak English back then and he took me under his wing. As the years went by, we spent time at each other's house and screwed around all Summer every day for years until after High School and even a few years after that. He loved to cruise around Whittier in his Corvette. We would make the same cruise route everyday going past girl's houses and stopping at the news stand. Then later in the evenings and weekends, we worked together in his old man's 76 gas station on Hadley.  We lost contact for a brief period,  but got reunited and then continued to visit each other.

I was lucky enough to stop by his room every Sunday on my way down to Upland for the last 6 months or so.  He was pretty much bedridden then, but I would make him get up and help him into his wheelchair so we could "cruise" around the hospital and outside where we would have a smoke together. I would bring him butterscotch candies (sugar free) and Blue Diamond almonds...his favorite snacks. It's amazing what little things like that can do to make a person happy when you don't have anything else.  I tried to spend at least an hour with him every visit, and he looked forward to Sundays so we could spend time together. When he got ill, he was moved to another hospital under intensive care, but I got to see him a couple weeks before he passed away.

Although he's not suffering anymore, I will miss him dearly.

Robbie Liefveld-

12/19/11 10:12 PM #23    


Francine Donohue (Saitta)

Just wanted to say hi to everyone.  I know it has been awhile since the reunion but my husband Tom and I had a wonderful time.  We would love to connect.  I agree with Frank.  A 45th reunion would be awsome.!! 

The picture below was from a wonderful time with our Adult Fellowship at our church, First Evengelical Church of Fullerton.  This was a hoedown and, as you can see, I am cuusing him to "pull out his hair" once again.   Aw well.....I did my job well once againcheeky

02/14/18 08:40 AM #24    


Robbie Liefveld

Hi classmates,

I bring terribly sad news to our class.  Diana Hernandez informed me that Frankie Hernandez, our athlete of the year passed away on January 31, 2018.  Diana told me on Jauary 18th, that he had been diagnsed with stage 4 stomach cancer and it had spread to his liver and lost 50lbs already.  He had radiation and chemo, but his fate was sealed.  Diana is beyond devastated.

On February 2nd, she messaged me that Frankie had passed away on January 31st.  The funeral will be on February 16, 2018 at the San Joaquin Valley National Cemetary in Santa Nella, California.  He will be burried with full Military Honors.  There will be a reception after at Anderson's Pea Soup.

Frankie and I were very much connected and good friends even though we didn't share any classes except 6th period gym.  We were opponents in wrestling for years, but defensive team mates in Football.  I had so much respect for this man, a fantastic athlete and such a kind, good person.  We even carried our competition to golf later in life and looked forward to the next reunion so we could compete again. Sounds crazy, huh?  I will deeply miss him as will many others ...

My heart goes out for Diana, I know this is harder on her than it is for anybody.



03/19/18 05:07 PM #25    

Deborah Greyson (Ginder)

Hi all,

It's so sad to see all of those listed on the "In Memory" page...when I read each name, their high school aged faces and youthful selves come to mind.  I'm hoping many members of our class will come to the reunion - especially those who have not attended any of the past parties.  Time to connect again! Peace.


06/26/18 08:03 AM #26    

Gary Arakawa


If you are coming to the Reunion and wish to attend 

church on Sunday, Whittier Area Community

Church's (WACC) service times are as follows:

8:00am Legacy; Solemn

9:30 and 11:00 am Main Sanctuary

9:30 and 11:00 am Cafe Service in the Gym

The church is located on the corner of Mar Vista

and Colima Road.

You may view previous or live services at:

Thank you.

Gary H. Arakawa

07/30/18 04:44 PM #27    

Linda Messinger Robinson

Thank-you Dennis and Jeri for the awesome reunion!  It was amazing to see the response, the location was wonderful and it was so much fun.  Thank-you Theresa for the memorabilia table; it took us all back on quite a journey!

I think it was amazing to reconnect with so many; we all left childhood together and there we were together once again.  The sincerity and genuine joy and deiight was palpable in the room.

I look forward to staying in touch 

Warm regards,


08/02/18 08:15 AM #28    


Daryl Werth

Hi Dennis, I’m looking forward to seeing you and Jerri at the Civil War re-enactment at Cherry Valley in September.  Maybe I’ll be inspired to join in!  I’ll see if I look better in Blue or Grey!

08/02/18 11:14 AM #29    


Jerri Thomas (Smith)

Thank you all for your nice compliments and comments. It was so great to hang out with all my fellow Cardinal Band buddies. So glad to finally see our drum major Zenovy attend!!!  We had fun putting it together and planning. Glad you all enjoyed it. 


If you are interested, I wrote a cookbook a few years ago and it's available on AMAZON.COM for only $9.99, or AMAZON KINDLE for the same price. If you have AMAZON PRIME, it's free!!  (See cover below). 


I wish I could have gotten around to see everyone. Thanks so much for attending. It was great fun!!!

So nice that people are posting here so they can connect and STAY connected with others. Thanks for letting Dennis and I serve you all. 

Image result for mom please teach us to cook

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