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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Whittier, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Sue McRoberts
Homepage: View Website
Occupation: Full time musician and songwriter now- ain't getting paid to do what you love grand!
Children: Angela b 1971, Diego b. 1973. Gabriel b. 1978, David b. 1989

My full name is Jose Javier Calvera and I really go by Xavi (Havee), which is what my friends call me. I was born in Santiago de Cuba and arrived in Whittier in 1965.

I loved going to Whittier High and have many fond memories of my years there. They were happy times and a less complicated era. My favorite teacher had to be Mr. Gothold in choir. It was easy to get caught up with his enthusiasm for music and his zest for life.

Music was my favorite part of those years and I have fond memories of playing the guitar and jamming with the guys at Bruce Perovich's house. Funny thing, he still live in the same house on Mavis and I bought a house last year on Rockne, the next street over. But I haven't seen him around yet! We've been in touch lately though thanks to this 1968 class page so I have a feeling that will change real soon and will say hello again after 30 years or so.

Another fond memory of those days is recording the first song I ever wrote at Riley McIntire's house. That was on a huge ampex reel to reel Riley's dad had. If I recall correctly that was in the Summer of 1966. Riley's brother Bob wrote the music out and played a flute part for the song while Riley played the guitar and I sang. All recorded at once, of course. No overdubs in those days! Days later we went to Hollywood and cut a 45 from the tape and took it around the record companies. I remember Riley and I were so convinced that we were going to get a recording contract that we did not get a haircut for the first day of school. Of course Mr. Cook sent us to get haircuts in spite of our assurances that we need the long hair for our upcoming gig as rockstars!

I'm still singing and writting songs, working on my music- that won't ever change! Check out some of my songs on line at

I also have a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Anthropology (from CSUF) and I am in the social work field (for a day job)- update, retired from day job. It's music full time now. I've acquired the persona of Songwriter X and he is quite a rocker, long hair and all! (yes I do have the receipt to prove that it is my hair!) You die all alone and turn into bone, so Rock 'til you die

School Story:

I'm thinking of the 'freak out' dance our band held at Patriotic Hall on Greenleaf. I want to say the date was Dec 5th, 1968 but who knows for sure!

We went all out with slide shows and projecting movies on the wall and a light show using a strobe and banks of colored lights. I think it was the first event of its kind in Whittier. We advertised for weeks before the show in the school paper- We charged 50 cents a head and were going to donate the proceeds to charity but somebody walked away with the can full of money and I think the take ended up being 10- 15 dollars and we had 300 people or more there that night!

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Here is our new video- A clamorous, noisy, wild and infectious celebration of Skeleton Rock by your favorite boney band. Be prepared to move your feet!

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I just want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all of you, my classmates, and the teachers of Whittier High School for making me feel so welcomed. I arrived from Cuba in March of 1965 not knowing the mores of the culture and not even a word of English. I fit right in and never skipped a beat, thanks to the acceptance and support from all of you, my dear classmates. It was a good educational foundation, enough to give me a good base to obtain a master’s degree from Cal State Fullerton and have a successful career, first as a entrepreneur and later on as a Social Worker and now as a singer-songwriter.

I want at this time to recognize several of the teachers that had a great impact upon my young life and that nurtured my soul up to the present day.
Mr. Gothold in choir, who nurtured my love of music, singing and performing that I keep alive to this day.
Mr. Spain who introduced me to the classics in Literature. I owe my love of Thoreau’s Walden to him. And maybe also my love for solitude and my respect for nature. After all, ‘the sun is but a morning star.’
Mr. Manuel who supported me in my arrival upon his history class knowing not a word of English and who encouraged me to be active and take out my Spanish- English dictionary and take all the quizzes and the final exam. Which, by the way, the dictionary and I aced, earning me a generous “C” for the whole semester.
Mr. Casella and Mr. Lopez who were so generous with their time and went out of their way to help and encourage this foreign kid, a stranger in a strange land, and helped to make me who I am.
And so many others, which i still see in my mind but I have forgotten their names- alas, what can you do, my memory is not what it once was.

And to my friends in High School, the ones who share their love of music with me. Bruce Perovich. I went to his house everyday after school to play guitar, what a blessing. I was sorry to hear that he had surgery and thus he missed the reunion. Get well quick, my friend!
Riley McIntire who actually got me started on the guitar and is my friend to this day. Sorry I missed you at the reunion!
Scott McYntire who was my best friend in our senior year and was my roommate in College. Sorry I missed you too.
Ken Pearce. We played a lotta guitar man!
Mike Glaviano who stepped in with his lead guitar and saved our big show at Patriotic Hall In December 1967. It was quite a shinding, light show and all! What a blast! I owe you one, Mike. One does not forget.

And Margaret Yocum. We were not really friends, just classmates in choir. But one day she came to me after class and gave me a book and said: you need this book. Well, the book was ‘The Little Prince,’ and it changed my young life. It taught me to mostly disregard ‘matters of consequence’ and that ’Is only with the heart that once sees rightly. What’s essential is invisible to the eye.’ Precepts which I’ve endeavored to live my life by, and keep in my heart to this day.

And to Dennis and Jerri and Robbie and Danny Orr. i didn’t interact with you in High School or really know you. But I do give you a big thanks for putting on this reunion that brought so many memories and moved me to write this letter thanking all of you, my classmates of ’68. All Hail to you, Alma Mater’s true.

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Hey Glen. It was nice to see you there. I went by a couple of times but you were busy and I'm sorry we didn't get to talk. It would be cool to get together and play music sometime.

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Posted on: Jul 31, 2018 at 4:16 PM

I was trying to answer your last comment and ended up deleting yours instead- wow, i am losing a step or two after all! And yes, we could use a vacation sometime from our permanent vacation. We could go and rent a hotel in your part of the world for a couple of days in the near future and hang out. August or September would be cool. Let me know what works for you and I'll check with Susi.

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Jul 29, 2018 at 9:57 AM

It was great fun! Nice to see all of you. A heartfelt thank you to Dennis and all the rest of the organizers for putting together such a great happening! Love it!

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Our latest music video...

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Looking for ward to see you all. It's amazing, where 50 years go?

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hey Mike, glad you still playing! Hope to see you at the reunion. Thanks for playing with us at the crazy freak out gig we did at the old Patriotic Hall. I think it was 1967, wow where did the time go! Gonna look your books up, I love SF!

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Happy birthday Jose, enjoy your day.

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Happy birthday Havi, it's nice to see you were able to pursue your love for music.

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