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Thomas Kelso
Residing In: Alta Loma, CA USA
Children: Kelly
Yes! Attending Reunion

Played college football in Utah and in 1971 was a member of the first ever USA Division One College team to play football games in Japan. The Silk Bowl was played in Tokyo's Yoyogi National Stadium the site of the 1964 Olympic Games, a week later, December 26th, played a final game, in Osaka's Kansai Koshein Ball Park.

In the 90's I started Professional Sports Management team that signed four NBA draft picks in three years.
Trained, coached and mentored Venus and Serena Williams' older half brother Charles Williams who basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian once told me was the greatest athlete he'd ever seen. Charles later became the starting point guard for Sports Illustrated Magazine's number one rated Univ of Cincinatti basketball team that was later mired in controvesy and suspension, Rob "Sic Wit It" Kennedy who is credited arguably with making the greatest trick shot ever in a nationally televised and internationally viewed basketball game and Venice Beach legend Reggie "Slam" Cotton, the Mike Jordan of Wayside and the only man I've ever seen complete a 360 slam dunk off a lob. Both after turning down multiple offers including the Harlem Globetrotters became star members for a few years on the popular nationally televised ESPN series "Street Ball" "The Original And One Team" sponsored by Mountain Dew. To name a few.
Sitting in the old UNLV basketball gym in the mid 90's with our Danny Orr watching my guy Atlanta Ga's finest "Give em Goose Bumps And Make Em Say Whoa" Jerran Cobb put up 48 in the D 2 College Vegas Tourney basketball finals. To name a few.

School Story:

How did this ever happen...
Hank, Fie, Pat, Mike, Bain, Liz and Joe. I know you are all gone, but I know what, you already know that again one day we will play sports and dance all night. together ...see you's.
WHS 1964-68. I was lost in darkness, and was touched by the light, young, anxious and always "fat" in a hurry untogether we brought virgin summers, winters, spring and fall.
Shooting pool with Chandler at the Buehlers'. "God" why isn't he here to tell the stories..
"Hearing whisphers" all mine and asking??? How dare they take my Pride and Joy, asking for her heart... and playing with mine.
My favorite teachers were Jerry Doggett and Chick Hearn. Vin Scully still is.
Yes! It's Halloween.
A funny memory. My El Rancho football buddies , Joey Cabrera, David Cervantes and Bill Kleine. Their senior year at the Ranch they did not have a first period and they would show up in the mornings before school at WHS. Some may remember them, they wore their lettermen jackets, and when school started they would hide in the library. The librarian never said a word, Kleine looked like Paul Newman, dark, silent, chiseled with windex blue eyes, Dave like Ray Danton, Joey, with that sense of humor and rare if ever seen before or since animal magnetism, I remember missing Joey, trying to tackle him a couple of times, we had been football rivals since 1961, Joe played for the Montebello Indians, I the Whittier Valiants, in our 1967 game our senior year, and not feeling to good about it. I had him dead to rights and he got away...Years later I would recover that 1967 game film, and relive missing him, again, and again and then getting him, again and again, and again. Watching the 1967 El Rancho vs Compton Centennial CIF first round playoff game film that I recovered along with ours, helped me. Centennial going into that game was ranked number one in the U S of A our senior year and after watching it I no longer felt so bad. Centenial's All American middle linebacker had a worse time with spinning Joe then I, he never got Joe...Once. Joe won that Friday night light game in Cerritos Colleges' Falcon Stadium, Joe scored both TD's on runs of 37 and 14 yards. The Ranch won 13-7... a huge wasn't to me or any of us that ever played the Ranch or knew Joe.
Back to the WHS library, Agahst? You know what? They made that librarians day, night and weekend...If she is still alive she still smiles when she recalls it. If you want to smile and ever run into Jerry Renfro, Greg Haserot, Brent Tucker, Pete Meiras, Guy Rebentisch, Guys dad Reb, my mom Kathleen, Fred Padilla, Chris Sherman, Chris McCluer, Ernie Santa Cruz or I, ask us about Joey. Joey can't speak for himself, Joey is the epitome of the adage "Only the good die young."

Our heart wrenching last seconds five point loss to Arcadia in the final game our Junior year. That loss cost us any chance of going to CIF as it was understood that if you win you're in and if you lose your out. In the last seconds of the game, Arcadia's final offensive possesion Lopez for defensive purposes put Bob Chandler at Safety a position Bob had not played all season. In desperation Arcadia threw a hail mary pass that really was a wounded duck, an easy play for Bob, so easy he was licking his chops. Some may remember that Bob was a trememdous leaper which proved his and our undoing, he misjudged the ball and jumped so high that he jumped over it, and helplessly watch the ball fall into the recievers hands and the guy run into the end zone. That was one dead silent bus ride back to school. In the locker room, long after everyone else had left, I stayed there with Bob trying with all my heart and soul to console him, he was distraught and over come with shame, he couldn't lift his head, and over, and over again he verbally blamed himself. I told him, over and over "Bob if not for you, we would not have won the games we did." After a long while he lifted his head and with a stealy glint in his eyes looked me dead in my eye's, then got up and left without saying a word. In those day's boys weren't supposed to cry... he didn't.
Robbie L how weird is this... the guy that you woke up out of his body and made in a most unorthodox way graduate high school, is alergic to plastic.
Thank you Dr Blanchard.

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I remember the first time I laid eyes on you, it was a warm summer evening, the year was 1962, playing baseball at night under the shadowy glare of the Friends Park lights. You, Greg Haserot and I were teammates on a team full other 11, 12 & 13 year olds, most destined to Edwards Jr HS and Pioneer HS.
Our coach was Bob Hartmann on the City of Whittier Recreation Dept. Pee Wee Baseball National League Championship team Tigers. The League was Whittier's "Little League Baseball" equivalent, differences being it was played only locally during the summer, at night and our World Series was against each other.... A popular author once wrote, One way I view a community is by the condition of it's Youth League Baseball Parks and fortunately for us Friends Park, now Joe Miller Field. was second to none. Unfortunately we lost 1-0 in the World Series Final to the American League Champion Cubs a team we beat the other two times we played them during the regular season and our only loss that summer.
We need to give hoops extraordinaire Gil Albitre his props, it was he that pitched the complete game shutout for the Cubs that day.

Even then I knew you were gifted and now at our age hearing you shared and extended the life of another speaks volumes of your well being and courage.


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Hi Darlene Happy early Birthday!

I recall meeting you at one of the reunions (it may have the 35th) and you sharing with me your life together with Gary and of his premature and tragic death.

Gary's athletic career was marred by injury and accident, he was our #1 offensive threat and lone explosive offensive weapon in football, when early in the season he suffered a thigh contusion which calcified and sidelined him for the remainder of the season negatively impacting our team's success and ability to score points.
Gary recovered and later that same year in our dual Track meet against El Rancho at El Rancho set Whittier's 100 yard dash record 9.9, a school record that to this day still stands and as a result in the change in races from yards to meters may never be broken.
I was not a member of that track team. however I attended the meet, my best friend Bill Kleine, who attended El Rancho was Gary's main opponent in that race, a race Bill won in a photo finish both setting school records, Gary 9.9 and Bill 9.8.
The following year Gary was all set to play football and run track at Whittier College when he seriously injured his toes and foot in a lawn mower accident which may have ended his athletic career for good.

The irony is that his injury in football may have been against Sierra, a school where his father Gene served as the school's first Principal when Sierra opened in 1957? and the El Rancho track meet where he set a school record and lost the race by inches, a race that decided the outcome and resulted in El Rancho winning the dual meet. Later we defeated them in league finals and won the Pacific League Track and Field Championship title. In 1953 Gary's father was named El Rancho's first Head Varsity football coach, where he coached for several years, followed by the famed El Rancho coach Ernie Johnson.

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In 1960 the City of Whittier inagurated it's first ever Pop Warner football program and the interest resulted with the addition of a second Midget program.  The first team "The Mauraders" was comprised largely of members of the 1967 La Serna Lancers team the won the CIF 3 A title our senior year including Dave Dalby and Lancers QB Jerry Maiques and Frank,. Tragically Both Dalby and Maiques died violently, Dalby in a traffic accident and Maiques in a botched robbery  Guy Rebentisch and I played on Whittier's second Midget team "the Valiants" with several members of El Rancho's 1966 CIF Title team, a team that at the time set the national High School single season scoring record with nearely 600 points and several members of El Rancho's 1967 team that beat Compton Centennial in the second round of the playoffs,. Centenial was ranked number 1 in the nation by Parade Magazine leading up to that game. Frank's athleticism even then was unmatched and may have resulted in him being the lone Latino on that Maurader team which went undefeated.  Fast forward to end of our Senior Year, Frank was selected the the 605 All Star Football Game and offered a football scholarship to Long Beach State, both of which he turned down to the join the military during the Viet Nam years.  Franks athleticism was unparalled, his abitity to open field tackle and cover in the open field in football and then winnng winning the CIF wrestling title at 148 lbs in matches in which he completely dominated his opponent set him apart athletically . We were fortunate during our high school days with Whittier winning it's last CIF 4 A football tiltle our freshman year, with George Buehler named CIF football  Player of the Year with George winning the Heavy Weight wrestling title and Ray Alger and George Buehler finishing 2nd and 3rd in the CIF shotput both over 60 and Bob Chandler winning the B CIF shot put title '.  Our Junior year saw both John Buehler and Mike Newton win State Track titles, John in the shot and Mike in the 440.  Mike beat both Wayne Collete and John Smith for the State title, Collete and Smith would later be half of UCLA's World  record setting 4x400 meter squad and later win Olympic Medals. Our senior year Gilbert Albitre finished second in basketball scoring over 32 pts per game behind only Aviation HS Paul Westphal with Bob Krommenhoek being named to the All CIF Water Polo Team and a Doug Thomsen led 4x400 relay team that finished second only to Compton Centennial in the CIF final, a race in which Compton Centennial set the National Scholastic record. My condolences to his family.







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He and I with Greg Haserot, Guy Rebentisch, Freddy Padilla and Jay Gatfield to name a few of the boys went to Franklin elementary school together and sadly his life was altered and possibly shortened by tragic events.  The first ocurring when we were at Dexter with the death of his sister, his sister Marilyn who I beleive was two years older and in her Sopmore year at Whittier was run over and killed by a motorist as she attempted to cross Hadley at the rail road tracks on her way to  Whittier High School one morning.  The driver was an elderly gentleman in his 80's who claimed he never saw her and that he was blinded by the rising sun.

The second ocurred shortly before his death when his parents in law the Wanke's Whittier house on Orange caught fire, his mother in law died in the fire and his father in law suffered a massive heart attack trying to save her and died.


He was a very plesant and became an LA Co Fireman, his wife a register nurse... may he rest in peace.

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Chris and I had Goverment together our Junior year, I think Barnes may have been the teacher and one day the class was questioned as to who the great men in history were and the teacher took the answers and listed the names given by the class on the black board. I didn't hesitate and was first to answer and blurted out Nitschke an Chris said "Oh yeah! "He's my favorite too." The teacher said oh Fredrich Nietzsche the German philospher and started to write his name when Chris and I stopped him and said no "Ray Nitschke Middle line backer for the Green Bay Packers #66."

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